Tu-wit Tu-woo: Transmissions of collected noises made by birds real and imagined...

A performance created from field recordings of wing flutters, peaking beaks, scratching feet & general bird cacophony mixed with bird song emanating from around the space from tape & record players

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The Sunken Hum Sound Diary

A Composition in 365 Parts

"Everyday in 2013, I captured a two minute field recording from my life and posted it up online daily creating a diary that documented my year through sound.

I have a deep fascination with how people spend their ordinary days – the fragments that make up a person and the role that sound plays in this – and with The Sunken Hum, I explored the often overlooked constant background hum that filters through life."


12 14 16 18 20 22 = 2

This project invited 24 artist to each capture a two minute field recordings from around the world all taken at exactly 18:20 pm local time on the 14th December 2016. 


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The Sunken Hum Tape Splice

The Sunken Hum 

Tape Splice

Using a four track, two tape decks and cassettes from her collection, Natalia Beylis layers seemingly incongruous recordings atop of each other to spawn strange juxtapositions and garbled parallels. Inside her stockpile of tapes are recordings she made on family vacations, a cassette of a roadside preacher she picked up in a truck stop in Nevada, rantings of blissed-out self-improvement gurus, weird noises from the natural and unnatural world and more.




sounds of birds' wings

"Flutter is an installation piece made up of the fluttering sounds of bird wings. The individual recordings for the composition have all been captured over the past year underneath the bird feeders outside my window. The piece was created for broadcast in a cinema theatre setting."



As part of a residency in the Guesthouse, Cork, Natalia Beylis and Aine O'Dwyer used the sounds of the building and surrounding area in Shandon to create a large body of improvised sound mixed with field recordings simultaniously taken from five points in and around the building.