To share the love of the music we buy on cassette tape when in Morocco, Willie and I are making compilations from our tape collection of music/sounds from the Maghreb region of Africa (& slightly beyond). 

Sometimes there's hiss and warble but sure, that's the nature of tape, huh?

The idea is to digitise the music in hope that it will help it will reach a wider audience.

Maghreb Sharit Mix No 1 - Chaabi and Folklore (originally broadcast on Tristan Bath's Spool's Out Radio)

Maghreb Sharit Mix No 2 - Ladies of the Maghreb

Maghreb Sharit Mix No 3 (Cosmosis Special) More Chaabi and Songs of Romance (originally broadcast on Cosmosis UCC)

Maghreb Sharit Mix No 4 - Gimbri Special (originally released on cassette as part of the Excavation Series)

Maghreb Sharit No 5 - Psychedelic Maghreb (originally released as part of the zine Maghreb Sharit No. 1)

Maghreb Sharit No 6 - Moroccan Ladies of Tichkaphone and Koutoubiaphone


Morrocan Ladies Mix-Recovered.jpg